Start today to experience the ultimate joy in your marriage!
Take The 40 Day Prayer ChallengeTM.

As detailed in our book Couples Who Pray, most couples are astonished with their outcomes from taking The 40 Day Prayer ChallengeTM. Getting started always seems to be the hard part, but, believe us, it is not as difficult as you think.

Usually when one partner says, "Honey, would you mind sitting with me, and just hold my hand, while I pray for us?" you are on your way.

Once you've done that several times, a comfort begins to settle in, and you realize that God is providing you with a peace that truly surpasses all understanding. In most cases, long before the 40 days are finished, both partners are participating, and praying out loud.

Of course, we are hoping that once you are in the habit of praying daily, having assessed all the benefits, from elevated conversation and respect, increased romance and trust, and a drastic reduction in arguments and the fear of divorce, that you will surely decide to continue praying together for the rest of your lives.

The questionnaire that was previously located on this website, in association with a Baylor University research study, has now completed its course. However, in the back of the Couples Who Pray book, you'll find a questionnaire that you can use as a helpful guide to self-analyze your progress over the 40 days.

Go ahead. Get started. It will change your life and your relationship!